Pickleball is a racket sport that has gained wide popularity in different parts of the world. It has a big fan base in the U.S, New Zealand, Canada, India and parts of Europe. Winning in this game needs certain skills and ability to use the paddle properly. This game also works for all ages. If you want to enjoy this game to the max, you will need the right equipment by your side. The most important piece of equipment in pickleball word is the paddle. You can understand a lot about them when you read the Best Pickleball Paddle Review.

  • How to find the best pickleball paddle

There is a big selection of well-made pickleball paddles. Each one can give you something the other can’t. Also, the technology and new materials have contributed to this variety.

Basically, you should find the paddle that suits your needs and expectations the most. In order to find the right paddle, you should focus on four factors. These factors are the weight, style, cost and grip of a paddle. You can find pickleball paddles online or at land-based retail stores. You can also pay a visit to a reputable manufacturer’s place to know what new in the market.

  • Things to know about paddles’ weight

Weight is an important issue when it comes to judging a paddle. Paddles can vary in weight. They can begin with 6 ounces and end with 14. The light ones are 7 ounces or below. Mid-weight paddles are between 7 and 8 ounces. The heavy ones over 8 or 9 ounces. If you choose a light paddles, you can have some advantages and some disadvantages. The same thing applies to heavyweight paddles. You can settle for something in between if you want to have a good combination.

Heavyweight paddles can offer you great power boost when you strike the ball. You can hit the ball hard enough without making much effort. However, it is not the most comfortable choice when you already have problems in your arm and elbow. It might lead to tiredness if the game lasted for long or you have been using it for different games on a row. Lightweight paddles are easier to hold and control. You can move a lot faster with a lightweight paddle. They don’t cause inflammations in elbows or arm muscles. When it comes to performance, these paddles won’t give you powerful shots. You need to strike stronger than usual. Such thing might place pressure on your elbow.

This doesn’t mean that both types are bad. In fact, they exist to help different types of pickleball players. You can decide based on your playing style. If you are in need of increase your speed, you can go for a lightweight paddle. In case you want to strike truly powerfully, you can benefit from a heavy paddle. At the end of the day, it is all about your preferences, playing techniques and your own strengths. Checking out the Best Pickleball Paddle Review can give you an idea on the right weight you might need.

  • The money factor

Pickleball paddles come in various sizes and styles. They are also available in different materials. This will typically mean a variety of prices too. You can spend something between 20 and 150 to buy a new paddle. Usually, the most expensive paddles can suit the needs of real pros. The cheapest paddles out there are made of wood. The most expensive and most versatile paddles in the market are made of graphite. You can also find a paddle that is made of a mix of both materials. This is the most popular type of paddles and the most common too.

You can consider buying a wood paddles if you are a newbie in this game. It will save you money and will help you develop your skills. If you want to take things to the next level, you can look for a mid-range paddle. It can give you moderate advance and progress. Usually paddles of composite materials will give you what you need in this matter. The best ones of this type are made of a combination of polymer and fiberglass. These paddles are offering the best stuff of two worlds. They come with a versatile polymer core and a fiberglass face. The face is efficient in boosting the ball speed. They are easy to control too. You can know more about this type of paddles from the Best Pickleball Paddle Review.

Graphite paddles are crème de la crème in the world of pickleball paddles. It offers everything a pro player would need. They are thin but firm. They have solid grip and easy to control. It has graphite on both its faces. But, the core is usually the same as composite paddles. It is usually made of polymer.

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