Every city has its own sleeping time. There are certain cities that never sleep. The streets are always filled with fun, parties, and dance. Such cities turn into a mini carnival at nights. Usually the high profile cities like London, Sydney, New York, are all categorised as cities that never sleep. Costa Rica does not belong to their categories. However it has a good rank when it comes to celebrating night life. The night life in the country is all about drinking beer, local karoke bar, Dance Jockeys, Discos, theatres, live concerts, music and dance in the streets, etc. In order to plan a visit to enjoy the night life of Costa Rica, visit CT website.

One should know the places to visit in Costa Rica to have the ultimate fun of the night life in the city. Here is a complete guide to visit the best night life places in Costa Rica


Jaco is the city of resorts. It is located between many mountains and beaches. The beaches are perfect for surfing. The fun of the stay in Jaco, comes in the night. The city gets transformed in to a thunder storm of excitement after the sun sets. They have many pool parties happening in the night. There are many bars and restaurants that open only in the night. Micro bre beer is popular here. The bars here are open after 6 AM. The city is known for the discos. The peak hours of the city falls on Friday and Saturday between 10 PM and 1 AM. The streets are filled with laughter, fun and noises of hurray.

Playa del Coco

This is one of the liveliest beach towns. It lies in the Gulf of Papagayo. The beaches here are not suited for surfing. However, there is lot of fishing happening here. Sharks, turtles, stingrays can be found here. Most of the events here happen in and around the beaches and mainly at night. The place is safe for girls night out in open beaches. The town has lot of casinos, all very near to the beach. There are restaurants on the shore.

Puerto Viejo

The city has no restrictions for alcohol on roads. One need not search for a bar to drink beer here in the night, though there are bars and pubs opened at night. The visitor can just grab a beer and party on the road. He need not get a company. Even a solo visitor finds good company to spend the night filled with fun and excitement. Never carry large sums of money especially when mingling with strangers. The town is comparatively less safe but enjoyed to the fullest when visited in groups. Even the roads here have the loudest music ON at night. A survey says that half the land here is owned by foreigners

The best part of Puerto Viejo is to party on the white sand beaches at night. It gives stunning views with disco lights sparkling the white sand.

San Jose

San Jose is known for its night open air theatres. There also bars, DJ and discos happening throughout the night. The city has plenty of interesting clubs, bars. Salsa and Merengue are the popular beats played on the streets. One can also visit casinos at San Jose. All the significant political administration of Costa Rica takes place here. The city is rich in historical culture. And so have a lot of museums and art galleries. To learn more about the city, and plan a trip here, one can visit the CT website.

If one is interested to enjoy the greenery along with the night life of Costa Rica, San Jose is the place to visit. It has many parks. The La Sabana Metropolitan Park is the country’s largest park. It also has stadium that can accommodate 40, 000 people.


Tamirondo wakes up when the sun goes down. There are a lot of casinos here. Also many live concerts, disco and DJs happen only at night. Tamirondo is always engaged and busy at night as the locals designate one hotspot for each night of the week. The streets are filled with Karoke, clubbing, dancing.

The Playa Grande of Tamirondo is world famous. It is one of the top international spots for surfing. The waves are consistent with the sky clear almost all days of the year. The endangered leather black turtles nest here. It is surrounded by commercial areas like Playa Tamirondo. It also offers scuba diving, horse riding and canopy tours.

It is always advisable to visit Costa Rica during the New Year. This is because the festival of Fiesta Palmares happens during this time. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the world. More than millions visit Costa Rica during this time.

The Fiesta Palmares of Costa Rica

The Palmares is the traditional festival of Costa Rica. The celebrations of the New Year keep going through the festival. There are concerts, mega bars and carnivals. Bull fights happen during the festival. The festival is attended by millions of people. El Tope is celebrated on one of the days of the 15 days long festival. People bring their best horses and show them off in the streets. By this they prove their love and caring for their horses. Senasa happens during this festival. It is the tradition of providing water to the horses.

With its great beaches, in between mountains, Costa Rica mesmerises the travellers with its beauty. After the day’s fun and joy, it fills the night with explicit night activities! It is a must place to visit for people who enjoy night life!

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