Each day you wake up with a new opportunity to be a better version of yourself. A fitness worker strives hard to achieve his goal of weight loss or 6 – pack or good shape. It is not easy to accomplish those. They are highly painful. One has to follow strict diet along with strenuous consistent workouts. There is no gain without pain. The results of the hard work are reflected by the mirror when the worker looks at himself pompously.

The hardest fitness practices can be made easier with right accessories. Here is a complete guide about fitness accessories and how to buy them


  1. They help to protect hands and enhance traction over loads and dumbbells
  2. Some of the gym gloves provide good cushioning to the hands
  3. How to choose a good glove?
    1. Choosing the gloves depend on the type of exercise. If the person uses free weights, punching bag, etc., gloves are the most important fitness accessory. The user should spend enough on buying good gloves. Such users should buy leather gloves
    2. If work out is less and with light weights choose light weight gloves.
  4. What are the features to look for?
    1. Fitting – The gloves should fit perfectly over the palm. It should allow the fingers to move comfortably.
    2. Protection – There are 2 types of finger lengths. One is ½ finger length and the other is ¾ finger length. Choose the gloves with longer finger length for greater protection. One can also choose gloves with padding for cushioning effect.
    3. Support – The gloves should support the hand and wrist perfectly
    4. Traction – The palm traction should allow the gloves to attain no slip grip. Rubber gloves provide the best traction that aid in gripping.
  5. Tips to increase the lifespan
    1. Place the gloves in a dry place when not in use.
    2. Never sundry the gloves
    3. Wash them with water to remove salt and minerals that were deposited due to sweat.
    4. Don’t use chlorine or other bleaching agents.

Lifting straps

They are the pieces of wrist wraps that help in gripping the weight. They wrap around the hand and also around the bar.

Types of lifting straps

  1. Single loop – they are straps with a loop and thick tails. One should wear the loop around his wrists and wrap the tail around the bar. This is suitable for those weight lifters who are seeking for minimum assistance
  2. Lasso – It is similar to the single loop straps. The only difference is that one has tightening options with these bands
  3. Figure 8 bands – They are in the shape of number 8 and hence the name. The first loop is to be worn around the wrist and the other loop under the bar.

When to use lifting straps?

  1. If the work out targets a particular muscle in the body
  2. When the movements are intended to improve muscle size
  3. The exercises like rack pulls, deadlifts, rows, shrugs, snatch, floor block or hang needs the use of lifting straps

What materials are the lifting straps made of?

They are made of the following materials

  1. Cotton – gives extra padding, most comfortable of all materials
  2. Nylon – gives smooth feel for hands, wrist. It has great strengths. However, it has chafing issues
  3. Leather – It is the most popular material. If the user wants a high-quality material, he should choose leather straps. There are 2 types namely soft and tough. Soft leather straps break in fast.

Exercise bands

  1. They are also called the resistance bands.
  2. These bands add body strength by adding a resistive force to the muscles
  3. How to select the right exercise band?
    1. Determine the type of exercises to be performed
      1. If the exercises chosen involves using the bands exclusively, then one need to buy more than one
      2. There are 2 types of bands
        1. Physical therapy resistance bands – has more specialized purpose
        2. Regular exercise bands
      3. Design – There are 2 types of design namely
        1. Tube – They are more durable than the other type. There are hard plastic tube bands and soft plastic tube bands. Hard plastic bands give greater grip while the soft plastic tube bands give better comfort.
        2. Strip – It is a basic band type. They are made of rubber
      4. Levels of resistance
        1. There are 4 levels of resistance
        2. Light bands offer 3 to 5 lbs resistance. It is ideal for beginners
  • Medium bands offer 8 lbs resistance.
  1. Heavy bands offer 12 to 15 lbs resistance.
  2. Extra heavy band offers more than 20 lbs resistance.
  1. Other features
    1. Look for features like removable handles, door attachments, clips, ankle cuffs and rings
  2. Benefits
    1. They increase coordination
    2. They are inexpensive
    3. Variety of positions can be brought in.
    4. They do not need lot of space for storing
    5. They are easy to travel. One can continue his exercises even in hotel rooms.

Exercise balls

Apart from gym gloves, lifting straps and exercise bands, exercise balls are another important fitness accessory. Here are some tips to use the exercise ball

  1. When sitting upright on the ball, feet should be flat on the floor.
  2. Knees should be lower than the pelvis. The knees should form 90 degree angle with the hips
  3. The shoulders, ears and pelvis should be on the same line

Tips to choose the exercise ball

  1. Both height and weight of the ball should be weighed equally. Some just look for weight alone.
  2. Release some air if the angle between hip and knees is greater than 90 degrees. However, in such cases the stabilizing and balancing exercises will lose effectiveness.
  3. One has to inflate the ball as the ball ages. Adding excess air will cause difficulty in balancing and stabilizing.

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